Today we live in a very different social climate where intuition is key to negotiate the untruths and truths that are being presented in every day life.  We are saturated with information from “experts” who tell us what’s good for us whether its what we eat, how we heal or how to live.

The Age of Aquarius – a predicted timeline of great chaos before directing our own evolutionary path and shift in consciousness to live in peace with love as our anchor – is happening now as layer after layer of corruption is being exposed plus the ante has been upped to increase confusion and misinformation to repel the coming change of tide.

But how do we know who to trust and what’s right for you?

Intuition.  An inbuilt lie detector and personal guiding system.

The state of disharmony now in our sphere hasn’t happened over night, its been carefully calculated to remove our connections and orientate our compass outside of ourselves.  This creates the confusion and our ability to continually override our “gut feeling” to follow a so-called expert which ultimately leads to feeling disharmony and an unfulfilled life.

You are the only expert you need.  You know yourself best.  You know what the right food, medicine, actions, activities, job is right for you – no one else.

Herein lies the challenge….  we are surrounded by experts from our first breath: whether our parents making choices for us based on their beliefs and experiences, schooling system which rewards achievements based on success and money, media imprinting whats healthy, hip or generally how you should be feeling or what to think – we can be completely lost in the myriad of information overload without a paddle up the creek!

Once we’re fully online and connected with our intuition and gut feelings then we always have a paddle what ever water-way we find ourselves heading along….

It is the building foundation that we all need to negotiate the coming times of being surrounded by more confusion and chaos as it builds towards the inevitable shift to living in a 5th Dimensional vibration.

The perfect storm is part of the Divine Plan to support clearing the dense energy that has been stagnant within our human evolution and the Earths vibrational field.  Some of us have signed up for this exact role, to be in the clear up crew but to ensure we don’t get swallowed up by the storm our intuitive navigation system must be online.

Many of us are coming online like an express train which is something to celebrate however, if you’ve got a lifetime of programming which supports a “look outside of yourself for the answers” this can cause great agitation.  Overriding “logic vs heart” or “thinking vs feeling” is key to being in alignment with your intuition and hearts guiding system.

When we have tangible experiences around feeling what feels in alignment for you, feeling connected, feeling your body relax, feeling energy and vibration it’s hard to ignore.  I love the definition of cognitive dissonance, a term I learnt from my own life experience and once that bubble has burst and the truth comes gushing forward, there is only liberation.

The truth of who you are, your connection, your gifts, your magnificence really sets you free! 
Freedom concept. Escaping from the cage

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