We are in the last push of 2017:  this year has been dedicated to GETTING OUR POWER BACK!  

The theme of feeling exhausted has been continuing this week for many as we on the eve of the Super Full Moon, the first Super moon and the last Full moon for 2017!  This is no “coincidence” as Astrological and Celestial alignments are in deed Divinely planned to perfection.

This year has always been about clearing the old patterning from our Cellular and Energetic memory and reconnect us with our true Divine Power.  This includes our ancient gifts and talents, our star and cosmic ancestry and reclaiming manipulated or stolen Soul aspects to be reintegrated to wholeness.

2018 energy is forming to set us up to “hit the ground running” with any dormant Lightworker awakens to their true purpose in this life time, becoming aligned, online and ready to express their Soul Mission.

If you’ve been feeling drained, tired, achy, cold/flu symptoms, ungrounded, dizzy and fuzzy thinking then you’re not alone...

With 29 days left till the date clicks over to 2018 –  when we connect with a whole new wave of energy – there is a last squeeze to ensure all we possibly can bare has been stripped, cleansed and detoxified from our Core essence ready for the new.

Many Lightworkers have started to feel the amplifying effects of the new 2018 energy and it’s creating an expansion within our energetic field.  The side-effect of this is our physical bodies have not yet upgraded to hold our newly aligned frequencies.  This can create physical ailments and deep body aches (including teeth!), extreme fatigue, restless nights and an unclear thought process creating confusion in what to do next.

Between tomorrow’s Super Full moon and Decembers Solstice a specific timeline is being safeguarded to allow each of us to integrate newly created templates to re-embody our true selves in our power and our glory.  By replacing old circuitry and powering up dormant Atlantean/Lemurian codes creates the newest version of you.

This should mean the physical symptoms ease but the mental fog or uncertainty may still present as we anchor Light Frequencies that are awakening within our Divine Cellular matrix.  Ready for us to walk our Lightworker talk in 2018!

If this is something you resonate with then please be gentle with yourself.   Resting, eating healthy, drinking clear water, walk or stretch, be in nature and an Epsom or Himalayan salt bath (or foot soak) will aid in supporting this transition. Also, relax any stringent thought processes or programming to force taking action if thoughts/decisions aren’t clear at the moment.  Give yourself permission to cancel any external commitments that aren’t absolutely necessary will help ease any energetic overwhelm. This isn’t something we can work out but its all about feeling, allowing and honouring.

Simply be the most loving you’ve ever been to yourself!  Know what ever you’re experiencing in this moment, your Soul is celebrating to be part an amazing exciting time that we’ve been waiting for!

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