Advanced Program - Next Level Healing

Advanced Program

Advanced Alignment Healing Program

Transforming your life and Empowering the true you!

Access the hidden potential of your Divine Blue Print to live the Life your were Destined!

Your Soul knows what it’s here to experience, but do you? Life experiences can be complex  challenging, disorientating and more.  I facilitate a pathway back to your Original Blue Print, to live the life your Soul destined.  Gain confidence that everything is perfect and is unfolding exactly as your Divine Plan!

6 Week Program 2019

During 6 weeks we work together to unlock the wisdom, knowledge, gifts and unconditional Love held within your Divine Blueprint.

Embodying more of your Soul aspect to release, create and access your true Divine nature and shine your Magnificence!

  • Energetic Clearing & Rebalancing
  • Release belief patterns, programs & limitations
  • Karmic Clearing and Contract endings
  • Ancestral Line Healing and endings
  • Clear Cosmic and Galactic disruptions
  • Feel Empowered and expanded
  • Feel Supported, Nurtured and Grounded
  • Increase vitality, creativity and focus
  • Increase awareness and intuition
  • Upgrade your DNA frequency
  • Express your true Divine nature
  • Embody and attune with your Soul
  • Align with your Divine life plan

Are you ready to radiate, vibrate and dance with your soul?

Are you ready to feel the unlimited resources of Love within yourself?

Are you ready to live life from an expanded and aligned new version of you?

Are you ready to amplify your love, peace, balance and well being with the world?

Time to upgrade to the Next Level and shine your Magnificence!

Advanced Healing 6 week program was created due to the in-depth level of change which can occur during a multidimensional healing session (click here for more information) and requires skilled support to ensure a client can release, process, grow and expand in a safe held manner.  Plus the need for ongoing support to allow the full transformation to release and let go a life time of programming.  This is ensuring each client connects with their true wisdom, their true power and live the life they were destined, guided by their Soul Divine Blue Print. Click here for more information regarding your Divine Blue Print.