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Support Calls

Support & Spiritual Coaching Call

Each Healing session is followed by a verbal and energetic check up to feedback how you’re feeling, any dreams, spiritual experiences, insights and clarity gained plus, discuss any forward action plan.  It is important that each client feels held and supported during a challenging time of their life and trust the wisdom of their Soul and Life journey.

The call also serves to act as a Support network to alleviate any overwhelm, disconnect or disorientation after healing.  As the healing sessions have many depths and dimensions uncovered, the call also acts to clarify any aspect of the healing plus add context to define meaning and understanding of your session.  Additional tools and techniques may be shared to continue your support – resulting in “homework” to assist your journey of transformation, empowerment and expansion. 

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Calls are by Telephone or Skype for 30 minutes & are booked at the end of each session, normally scheduled 2-4 days later.