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What is Light Language?

Light Language

The Light Language I fluently speak translates and transforms the Cosmic language frequencies to be easily absorbed and embodied into the foundation of the physical body and beyond.

Light Languages come in various forms and its purpose is to bring through a vibrational frequency to support our Ascension process.  It by-passes our cognitive minds to allow the transmission of Light Coding and Frequency to be assimilated into our whole being down to our physical cellular structure.

It also acts as a Soul to Soul communication, where the spoken word cannot reach the depths of understanding due to the limitations we pose when we are incarnated in a 3D physical body.  It is a direct communication beyond this realm which brings healing, love, empathy, encouragement, empowerment and light.

Simply put it is a FEELING without the need to understand a direct word for word translation.

Each word communicated will be specifically crafted to enable the frequency that you currently need. It can support activation of your Crystaline matrix, DNA upgrade, clearing Cosmic interference, shifting awareness or simply a message of connection beyond this timeline.

The Light Language I channel is linked to Lemuria and has been spoken on the Earth plane before this time, however in a Higher Vibration state.  Many have direct recognition of this Light Language with it being very familiar, loving and comforting.  It’s Cosmic origins are linked to the Elohiem who support our Universe to be in right relations with the Light.

My Soul’s ancient wisdom and lineage is linked to the EarthBrotherhood who birthed with the Planet to support the Ascension of her people.  We transmit from the Inner Earth planes and also the Star nations.

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