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Soul Readings

Soul Readings

  Your Soul knows your life plan, but do you?

Accessing the Akashic Records and Higher Self plus reading your Energetic imprints facilitates the greatest opportunity to understanding a question you may be asking:

What is my Life Purpose or Soul’s mission?  

We begin the session with an energetic check in on what’s currently occurring in your life and strengthen the connection between us and Spirit Teams plus access the Akashic Records (Soul Blue Print Files) of your Soul’s journey.  Uncovering why you’re facing certain challenges, re-occuring themes, blocks and limitations can be understood via Karmic links, Past life contracts and Ancestral lineage, which may be playing a part in your day to day life.

Information may also be presented regarding your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime, why you have a certain drive and passion.  Plus practical and helpful action plans to expand your path and empower your own innate inner knowing to support who you’re meant to be – a shining Light!  By gaining such a personal insight into your current life is to gain clarity, focus, creativity, peace, harmony and more but, ultimately, the trust that all is in perfect alignment with the Divine Plan.



As a Soul Whisperer, I interpret your Soul’s expression into every day language. 

Each session is 60 minutes.  You are more than welcome to record or make notes during your session.