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Ishala Wayshower

My name is Ishala Wayshower

My Soul purpose is facilitating the remembering of your Soul's magnificence and expression of Love in this life!

My journey in this lifetime has been extremely difficult and it is with pure trust of the Divine Plan that I am now here, breathing each breath as a Soul incarnating on this Earth. My devotion is to LOVE, SUPPORT, RESTORE, NURTURE, EMPOWER every Soul I encounter, including myself!

As a child I was clairvoyant and the unseen world was just as real as our 3D world with communicating with Angelic Beings was the norm. It is also during this time I suffered the greatest; enduring extreme abuse throughout childhood, the magic behind the veil became invisible.

I have since built a solid foundation of unwavering faith of my intuition, guidance and innate knowings.  Consequently, I became an expert in my ability to read Energy, knowing Energy tells the truth when actions or words are conflicting.  I use this gift to its full advantage in assisting clients to get to their truth, their true nature and clarity of any imbalance bypassing the tricksy mind or emotional state.

Over the past 15 years I have studied several healing modalities and hold qualifications as an Accredited Healer of Psychic Studies UK, Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher.  Although I attest the wisdom of my Soul and Higher Self plus Spirit team as my greatest teachers.

My Soul claims an ancient lineage called EarthBrotherhood who birthed with the Planet to support the Ascension of her people.  We transmit from the Inner Earth planes and also the Star nations.  The Light Language I fluently speak translates and transforms the Cosmic language frequencies to be easily absorbed and embodied into the foundation of the physical body.

I am also connected to The Elohiem who are creators of our Original Divine Blue Print and draw on this primordial knowledge within my DNA to facilitate supporting other Lightworkers to bring forth their knowledge, understanding and embodiment of their Soul purpose.

It is my absolute honour to support and facilitate a clients healing journey and deeply humbled how when we work together, we create a synergy to unlocking their pure potential. I always expect the unexpected as our Higher Dimensional Support Team creates such a delicate and perfectly balanced symphony of insights, healing and empowerment – it is awe-inspiring and awe-some!  Hope to connect with you soon! 

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