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Indigo Kids Insights

Indigo Kids Insights

Many of today’s children are the highest vibrational Souls to EVER incarnate on the Earth. Living in the our dense 3rd Dimension Earth has created many challenges for the “New Earth Soul’s” whose vibration are matched with our future 5th Dimensional Earth.

I facilitate a transformational healing pathway for children of any age to feel balanced within themselves, release anxiety, stress or trauma they’ve experienced during their life.  Insights are also shared (age dependent) to give an understanding of their experiences from a Soul perspective which allows validation of their gifts, their uniqueness plus feel supported, calm, empowered and confident.

 As they hold Advanced abilities ready for living in the 5th Dimension, they process information differently to the “norm” of our current 3D reality (akin to an advanced operating system in a Computer).  This can create challenges around social interactions and schooling/learning which often results in diagnosis of learning difficulties, etc.  Additionally, as they are bright shining lights it can create discomfort for people who carry pain and therefore, experience an energetic transfer to dull their Light, e.g. bullied, etc.

Child paints the seascape with a rainbow

What happens in a Session? I tune into your child’s energetic field to gain an insight into what’s occurring in their life at this current moment.  I allow their energetic field to guide me to what needs to be understood, cleared, balanced and re-patterned creating a pathway back to their Divine Blue Print of perfection.  This is also where any “sensitivities” are presented that may be creating challenges.

Also by accessing the Akashic Records (record of a Soul’s journey) for information regarding any Karmic contracts, Past Lives and Ancestral links that may be playing out in family dynamics creates a pathway for healing, compassion and understanding.  Discovering your Child’s Life Purpose holds key aspects of focused awareness to encourage, support and trust in their life’s journey.  Parents receive practical tips from an Energetic and Spiritual viewpoint on how to support their child’s individual needs so they may fulfil their Soul’s mission.

Parent’s feel supported by understanding their Child’s unique Soul vibration, Soul mission and Life purpose.  I like to call this Indigo Insights – Indigo children was a term coined some years previous regarding Spiritual aware children, they also go by the name of Rainbow, Crystal or Star Children.  They are usually Advanced Souls and Highly evolved and are here to support the New Earth with humanity living in the 5D.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes and can be held in person or over Skype or Phone with Parent and child or just the Parent. I work with any age – baby, child and adolescent. It’s important to note that as I work energetically, the child does not need to be physically present.

Through healing my own childhood trauma plus parenting 2 children who are New Earth Soul’s has given me invaluable insights to relate, support, safeguard, empower and re-align Soul’s to their original true Divine Blue Print – allowing each child to share their unique Light, profound Wisdom and advanced Awareness with the world.