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What is a Divine Blue Print?

Your Divine Blue Print

I help you unlock the hidden potential of Your Divine Blue Print.  Live the life you’re destined!

The Elohiem are creators of our Original Divine Blue Print and its is through my personal connection and the primordial knowledge within my DNA that I attune with to facilitate supporting other Lightworkers and StarSeeds to bring forth their knowledge, understanding and embodiment of their Soul purpose.

Everyone has a Divine Blue Print they were born with into this Life.  It is the “map of your Soul” and holds the key to living life to your fullest potential! It holds who you truly are, your true Divine nature, your Soul’s expression.  Throughout life and previous lifetimes (past lives) we experience a range of traumas, disappointments, failures etc, that create a negative imprint within our energetic fields.  This then can create disruption and challenges to truly bypass that “debris” to be able to fully connect with your Power and express your Truth and your Wisdom.

If we use the analogy of a computer, when we first buy a computer it’s in perfect working order. We then add and run a few programs, we might add a couple more apps – the computer starts to slow down a little and delay responses – then we open an email and get a corrupt file.  At this point the computer is trying really hard to function and perform in the way it knows it can but with all the added extras and negative influences, it’s weighted down and unable to reach its full potential. 

It is my absolute honour to support and facilitate a clients healing journey and deeply humbled how when we work together, we create a synergy to unlocking their pure potential. I always expect the unexpected as our Higher Dimensional Support Team creates such a delicate and perfectly balanced symphony of insights, healing and empowerment – it is awe-inspiring and awe-some!  Hope to connect with you soon! 

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