21 Day Program - Next Level Healing

21 Day Program

 Program Overview

Advanced Healing 21 Day Program:

Transformation for Life – Energising & Empowering the True You! 

An evaluation form is completed prior to our first session to support our mutual understanding of the core issues to be resolved and your desired outcome during the program. We then set up an initial call to discuss the Evaluation form and any concerns that are arising currently. During our call we will work energetically and psychically to ascertain any limitations or disruptions plus set up pathways to expand and empower your auric filed.  This facilities supportive tools and techniques for our journey together.  It is also important to establish a Sacred connection between us and resonate on a Soul level.  This allows confidence to work together, further deepening the energetic and empathic blending and gaining the trust in the healing process.

Week 1.

60 minute – Initial Discussion and Energetic alignment call.

90 minute – Multidimensional Healing session.

30 minute – Spiritual Support and Coaching call* approximately 2-3 days after healing.

*The call serves to act as a Support network to alleviate any overwhelm, disconnect or disorientation after healing.  As the healing sessions are 90 minutes long with many depths and dimensions uncovered, the call also acts to clarify any aspect of the healing plus add context to define meaning and understanding of your session. Due to the nature of the work we do creates big shifts which can be sometimes overwhelming and can create a “Detox” type experience.

Week 2.

90 minute – Multidimensional Healing session.

30 minute – Spiritual Support and Coaching call.

60 minute – Soul Reading*.

*This allows an overview of what’s going on in your life, understanding current energetic dynamics within relationships and core limiting programs running.  Also within this session, we explore the Whisperings of your Soul, listening to its expressions about current life situations and where its true vision and passion of how life should be.

Week 3.

90 minute – Multidimensional Healing session.

30 minute – Spiritual Support and Coaching call.

45 minute – Evaluation and Review call*.

*At the end of the program we do an Evaluation and Review of your Healing Journey and allow up to an extra 45 minutes to your last coaching call. We also discuss a Forward Action plan so you feel completely empowered to live Life fully and express your Magnificence on every level!

**A pre-requsite to the program is a preliminary 20 minute phone call to ascertain you are ready and committed to align your life with more joy, love, peace and balance to shine your Magnificence!

It is my absolute honour to work with clients as I lovingly remind them of their true Magnificence.  During our work together and the course of the program, I gently hold your vision until the time comes when it feels safe for you to radiate your Magnificence from every cell!