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Blueprint Healing

BluePrint Healing 

Are you Ready to live life fully and complete with more Love, Joy, Balance and Freedom?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, facing a crisis or spiritual awakening and in need of support to experience Clarity, Calm, Focus and Flow?

Experience a unique Multidimensional healing specifically designed to release any limiting experience, belief or program and feel Liberated!  

This Multi-dimensional Healing session focuses on clearing your Auric field and Energetic body of heavy & dense energy, chaotic & negative thought forms and any external energy that has inadvertently collected.  Past Life, Karmic, Ancestral Linage contracts or ET/AI influences can also be presented to clear.  Many contracts are now coming to an end as we move towards living in a higher vibration of a 5th Dimensional Earth.  This allows us to finally be free of layers upon layers of dense energetic debris over many lifetimes that have shadowed our true Divine nature.

Also by interpreting your Energetic field while balancing your Chakra system plus sharing any insights including any deeper understandings from a Soul perspective creates awareness and understanding of any challenges that are presenting in your current life.  Ensuring your subtle energy bodies: Mental/Emotional/Etheric/Astral are clear of any disruptions creates balance and clarity. Also deepening the connection to your Soul’s Divine Blue Print to be active and present in every day life allows access to Live life as your Soul destined!

Your initial session will begin at booking with completing an online questionnaire to ascertain key areas of your life and/or any conscious trauma patterns and/or experiences that you wish to work with.  Extra time is allowed for our first connection together to align our frequencies and create Sacred Space in each physical location to support the Highest vibration resonance for our session as possible.  Each sessions run for 2 hours and followed up by a verbal and energetic check up (normally 2-4 days later).  This is a Support & Spiritual call (30 minutes) allowing any feedback post session on how you’re feeling, any dreams, experiences,  insights and clarity gained plus, discuss any forward action plan for a sustainable healing pathway to fully express your True Magnificence.

It’s important to note that the in-depth level of change which can occur during a Multidimensional Healing session requires additional connection to ensure each client feels held and supported after their session with awareness that healing continues to take place after a session has ended.  It requires skill and understanding to ensure a client can release, process, grow and expand in a safe held manner plus feel empowered and trust in the wisdom of their Soul and Life journey. Therefore, I follow up each session with support call for an Energetic and Verbal check-in within a week.  



*Please Note: Due to the nature of a multidimensional healing it’s highly recommended that immediately after your session you allow for gentle quiet time for relaxation, rest or walk in nature and increase your water intake – allowing 48 hours for full integration of energetic transformations.   

  • Thank you so much for your healing, I was in a heavy place of emotion, worry, and fear, feeling lost and helpless... I thank you deeply for the love you showed me during our session, and for being congruent with your emotions which also touched my heart, and in my eyes made you real and lovely and I felt connected in that.
  • Ishala's healing has been deeply transformational and inspirational. They have helped me to make changes in my life to refocus my energy and over come blocks deeply buried. She is intuitive, caring and connected and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need, whether its emotionally, spiritually or physically.