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Multi-dimensional Cosmic Healer, Light Language Channel & Soul Whisperer

Are you READY for your Next Level?

Indigo Kids Insights

A unique session for Sensitive children who are Advanced in wisdom & abilities yet challenged in the current 3D world. Energy Healing to clearing and balance plus Soul reading for understanding and support.

Soul Readings

Your Soul knows what its here to experience, but do you? Life experiences can be complex, challenging, disorientating and more. Let me support your understanding that everything is perfect and unfolding exactly as the Divine Plan for your life!

Cosmic Healing

Spans across many levels and beyond what we see to create a lasting shift in your Vibration and a pathway back to your Original Blue Print. Creating balance, harmony and safety that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be!

My name is Ishala Wayshower

Empowering Soul expression in every day life, Energy is my language.

Are you ready to take your life to the NEXT LEVEL? Healing comes in many forms but what if you are perfect already? I support and facilitate a pathway back to your Original Blue Print, to live the life your Soul destined. My services include Cosmic and Multidimensional Healing, Soul Readings, Energy Interpretations & Spiritual Support. Plus supporting Kids who are here to anchor the Light  for our new Earth