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Support for the 5D & Beyond! Are you ready for Your Next Level?

Blueprint Architect, Cosmic Healer, Light Language Channel & Soul Whisperer

Blueprint Healing

Clear past Trauma, Karma, Ancestral lineage, Cosmic interference and Past life discord to align with your true Original Blue Print. Creating balance, harmony, safety, empowerment and expansion to live the life you were destined!

Soul Readings

Your Soul knows what its here to experience, but do you? Understand your Soul’s lineage to gain clarity of your Soul mission in this life. Plus experience confirmation and confidence in your life purpose and the Divine Plan!

Advanced Alignment

A unique fully supported 6 Week Transformational program created to fast track clearing, healing, balancing in alignment with your original Blue Print and shine your Magnificence!

I am Ishala Wayshower

I support and facilitate a pathway back to your Original Blue Print, to live the life your Soul destined!

As an ENABLER, it is my honour to support Lightworkers and StarSeeds to release and realign to be empowered and expanded in their Soul’s mission.

Shine your Divine Magnficence and share your Wisdom and Love in every day life


What Clients Say

Soul Reading
I a very discerning who I let into my energy field but I didn't hesitate when I was drawn to work with Ishala. She tuned in instantly to my energies & channeled some remarkable & accurate information about my soul path & purpose. She picked up on things that had already started in my life & gave me information of what I could do. Ishala is such a beautiful & gentle soul who has a remarkable gift. If you are lucky enough to have a reading with her then you are very blessed & you will know what I mean. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Ishala. Much love & blessings to you.
M.S. London, UK
Ishala is an outstanding healer who is able to access the many levels of you and resolve the emotional and spiritual blocks preventing you from being your divine self. She is a gentle and loving soul that is enormously passionate about her craft. If you are looking for a healer with heart, who walks there talk and can assist the healing of the multidimensional self to reveal the magnificence of you then you have found a shining light in Ishala.
R.B. Australia
Advanced Alignment Program
I just wanna thank you for such an exquisite session Ishala! That session still lingers!! It reverberates through my existence. The work we did on our last session, and many sessions before that, have impacted my life so deeply!!!! Definitely Next Level!!! I sooo appreciate your presence in my life!!! Thank you for such a deep commitment to your personal truth that I may witness daily, and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am not alone on this journey! Your support has meant the world to me!!!! 🙏🏻 Deep Bows!
I had a "Connect Enhance Expand" workshop with Ishala and it was absolutely amazing. It covered so much more than I expected and I learnt a lot from this experience. Not only to trust more my intuition but also that we are much more than what we think we are. She created a comfortable space for everyone to open and work together. It was definitely a day I will remember forever. Thank you, Ishala, for making it happen!
P.G. Sussex, UK
Advanced Alignment Program
Ishala has Divinely inspired gifts that surpass "normal" healing channels. Her insights and connections to the various higher dimensions are breathtakingly accurate and absorbing. Her work has supported giant leaps in my connections, happiness and overall peace I now feel, despite my seeking out numerous other holistic therapies to overcome reoccurring themes that I now realise were connected beyond this timeline. I can now step confidently on my path vibrating and aligning with the 5D! Ishala's work is a must if you know in your heart you're here to do and be more! Heartfelt thanks for all that you are dearest Ishala xxxxx
N.L. Manchester, UK
Healing & Reading
Ishala has a deep caring nature and over 2 Skype sessions I experienced amazement, magic and relief which created a pathway so I could vibrate with my Guides and their incredibly high frequencies! She facilitated an implant removal, shared information from my Akashic Records and a emotionally moving Light Language Communication. I'm now booked onto 3 of her workshops and can't wait to share more!
M.P. Cambridgeshire, UK
Blueprint Healing
Thank you Ishala, you are SO intuitive and helped me find the root cause of an ongoing replaying problem that I occur. You also helped deepen my Angelic connection and now they're with me all the time. Hope to see you again soon, Much Love!
S.E. Sussex, UK
Blueprint Healing
I had an incredibly powerful session with Ishala from Next Level Healing. Before my session, I had constant back pain that was stopping me from living life to the full. I also suffered from a feeling of overwhelm as I felt burdened by all the responsibilities I was carrying. During my session, I felt a lightness and a deep sense of peace and calm. Afterwards, I stood up and my back pain was completely gone. I felt clear and present. I think everyone should have a session because I know how blown away they will be by the results!
K.T. France
Soul Reading
Ishala, what a gift you have! Thank you so much for the inspiring reading you did for me. I felt you really "got me" and helped me to gain clarity on the next steps for me. I feel so much more confident that I'm heading in the right direction and you gave me a clear path that I need to take. Thank you <3 Wxxx
W.M. Sussex, UK
Soul Reading & Healing
I have always struggled to figure out what my Life Purpose is and wanted to understand more about this so I approached Ishala for some spiritual insight. Her gentle, friendly conversation put me at ease to allow me to open up. Our conversation quickly highlighted that she is highly intuitive and has an in depth understanding of her gift and passion. Her insights are “bang-on” and I would highly recommend speaking to her for a couple of hours if you are looking for some life purpose clarity.
H.H. South Africa
Blueprint Healing
Wow - I was gobsmacked by Ishala's sacred healing powers !! I suffered from a rather difficult relationship breakup & breakdown which caused me to suffer from severe physical pain, psychological disturbances (in form of anxiety, seizures ) & energetical blockages - all of this was the result of a deeply routed past life trauma. Ishala worked her way through my Chakras in order to clear some old unfinished business..and pinpointed issues/ experiences from life times ago as well as from this present life. It was a truly inspiring & insightful healing & clearing session and I would warmly recommend Ishala's Next Level Healing Experience to everyone who wants to look in-and outwards. My life and my believes have changed completely and I am finally feeling free again. Thank you so much Ishala.
M.P. Sussex, UK
Soul Reading
I had a soul reading from Ishala back in January of this year , I have had a number of readings over the years but this has been the most informative and detailed reading to date. The session is very interactive and the information given is very accurate and also useful for me at this point in my life. The soul reading will definitely help me in the present with my soul purpose for this life clearly laid out 🙂 .I couldn't ask for a better person to facilitate a soul reading , would highly recommend Ishala.
M.A. Kent, UK
What an Amazing Soul Reading! Ishala has an easy, approachable manner which added to the over all experience. The session was profound, insightful, thought provoking, comforting and very positive - everything she mentioned made total sense - it was fantastic! Book with Ishala and you're in for a treat!
A.W. Surrey, UK
Blueprint Healing
I would definitely recommend Ishala. She is a very talented intuitive healer, who helped me during a stressful time. Ishala made me feel completely at ease during the session and helped me clear a lot of emotions that I was unknowingly holding on too. The session has definitely helped me to think more clearer and has actually given me more energy. Thanks Ishala
L.F. Sussex, UK
Blueprint Healing
I would highly recommend Ishala and the work she does. Her gift is remarkable and I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths and been treated by her.
L.P. Australia
Blueprint Healing
It's important to stay connected to one's essence in this modern life and I am pleased to keep coming back every so often for a re-alignment to match my growth.
R.K. Spain

Ishala Wayshower Interview 2018